Tesco Express

This was the site of the National School which was built in 1837. It catered for all ages as an elementary school and was also used as a Sunday School.

It closed in 1939 but was used until 1963 as an overspill for Broadway Secondary School which took over from it.


It closed for good when the new Kingsway School opened and was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the building with its supermarket and what has long been referred to as The Upper Room above.

Lennon's was the original supermarket on the site, followed by Gateway, then Somerfields which closed down in 2006. After being empty for some time, Tesco moved in after a deal with Marks & Spencer fell through.


When Lennon's were operating at the site, alcohol wasn't allowed to be sold on the premises so they had to have a separate shop at the far end of the row of shops on Rectory Gardens.