Savage Hall

Brookside Farm on the bend in Cheadle Road on the Cheadle side of School's Hill is thought to be where the Savage family (Lords of the Manor of Cheadle Hulme) resided for over 250 years (c1390-1643). The central part of the building below may be the original manor house (Fletcher Moss, 1894).

It was sold to William Fowden in 1762 and formed part of Brookside farm. The farm was encroached upon by housing, Mornington Crescent and so on, around 1914 and eventually ceased to operate in the 1920s. Nothing remains of this important site now (1999).


During this period the lordship and manor of Chedell Holme passed to John Savage 8th who was Mayor of Chester (died 1597), John Savage 9th (High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1607) and his second son Thomas Savage (John Savage 10th died as a boy), created Viscount Savage by Charles 1 (1626) who died in 1635, and then to his daughter Joan (married to  John Paulet, Marquess of Winchester). She died in childbirth aged 23, ending 250 years of the Savages lordship, and the manor passed to the Marquess (a catholic). After confiscation in 1643, it was purchased by the Moseley family and became Cheadle Moseley. (The family line ran from Sir Nicholas Moseley, Rowland Moseley, Sir Edward Moseley [died 1660], cousin Sir Edward Moseley, to Anne Moseley [died 1734]).

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