Ockleston Memorial

Dr Robert Ockleston set up his practice in Cheadle in 1825 and he lived here for 55 years. He used to ride his horse around the village while visiting his patients, He was very popular in the village and presented three schools in Cheadle with the sum of £200, the interest from which was used for buying prizes. These schools were Cheadle National School on Wilmslow Road, Councillor Lane Church of England School, and Eden Place Wesleyan School.


Dr Ockleston died on 1st February 1888 and the drinking fountain designed by Alfred Derbyshire, which now stands proudly near its's original place, on the newly refurbished Cheadle Green, In fact, the decorative lighting was only placed on top of the Memorial on the 29th June 2018, a couple of weeks on doing this article. The Memorial had stood in Queens Gardens since 1967, over 50 years!


It was paid for by public subscription and was erected the following year in the middle of the junction of Manchester Road, Stockport Road and the High Street. The fountain, as well as being a drinking fountain also provided a trough for horses and a smaller trough for dogs. These were made into flower containers in 1950.


It stood in its original position since 1967 but was moved to ease the traffic flow through the High Street.

Ockleston Memorial.jpg