The Micker Brook, Chorlton Brook & River Mersey

The Micker Brook is a tributary of the River Mersey in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, England. Known early in its course as Bollinhurst Brook and Norbury Brook, then Lady Brook, the river runs along the Ladybrook Valley westward and northward through Hazel Grove, Bramhall and Cheadle. The Micker Brook joins the River Mersey close to Junction 3 of the M60 motorway.

Micker Brook, Chorlton Brook into River
Chorlton Brook.png
 Chorlton Brook was important to the running of The Grove printing Works, which opened in 1760 and suffered a disastrous fire in 1847.  When the print works was operating, they constructed a number of large reservoirs in the grounds to store water from Chorlton Brook.  These were later filled in.

This map indicates the approximate route of Chorlton Brook. It mainly flows underground and there are three small but visable  places where you can see the brook (see pictures below)

Although Chorlton Brook originates at Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, it somehow finds it's way into Cheadle, before joining the River Mersey.

However, there is a small risk of flooding in certain areas. Those at risk include office buildings on Stockport Road and Carrs Road, and properties on parts of Cranleigh Drive, Palmer and Dryden Avenue and Tennyson Road, Chorlton Drive, Jackson Street and Stockport Road.

Chorlton Brook route in Cheadle.png
Three of the small bridges where Chorlton Brook flows, 2 on Stockport Road, 1 on Councillor Lane
Chorlton Brook, Councillor Lane.PNG
Chorlton Brook, Stockport Rd Johnny John
Chorlton Brook, Stockport Rd.PNG

A map ofpotential flood area from Chorlton Brook in SK8 area

Chorlton Brook, flood map.png

A video of the river Mersey from source to sea.