Higher Mill

Higher Mill was one of two 12th Century water driven corn mills on the banks of the Micker Brook. The corn mill was situated in the dip between the two footpaths and was still there in 1901. In 1897 the miller was Joseph Redfearn of Redfern.

When you enter the woodland from Milton Crescent, you cross a bridge over the Micker Brook. As mentioned on the Micker Brook page, the footpath divides left and right, the Mill itself was built between the left-hand path and the Micker Brook. The area between the two paths which is quite a lot lower, was mainly the mill pond. You can see the depression in the ground better from the side of the weir where the two paths join.

During World War Two, the grounds of the mill were made into allotments. Look across the river towards the allotments and to the right of the allotment, one of the gardens has a full-size model of a cow in it! This is possibly one of the parade of cows which were on display around Manchester several years ago.

The Mill stone.PNG