Hall Street Green

A new Friends group has just been started to renovate the Green (2010).  The residents intend to make this into a relaxing place to sit, with shrubs, trees, herb garden, fruit trees and they are just starting to raise the money to do this work which will take several years.


There used to be three streets of terraced housed here in the late 1890s.  Ernest Street was furthest away from Brook Road.  One side of Andrew Street backed onto the back of one side of Ernest Street.  The next street over backing onto Andrew Street on one side and the gardens of the large houses on Brook Road was Charles Street.  The Green is on the site of Andrew and Charles Street.  St the back of the site there is a steep drop to the Micker Brook as it meanders to join the Mersey.


One tree in particular which will be planted as it is an Italian walnut tree which has an interesting history.  The Franciscan friar, John de Montalt was born at 25 Andrew Street, in Cheadle in 1932, his father being a regular army man.  The friar legally changed his name to the families original Norman name of Montalt.  His family had lived in Cheadle since 1816 having lived in Chapel En Le Frith since 1198.


the friar went on a walking pilgrimage to Rome, calling at Lourdes, Padua, Assisi and went back to Rome.  Whilst in Rome, he went to the Basilica of St Anthony and was given some walnuts from the original tree which St Anthony lived in and preached from during his last days in the 13th Century.  These were planted and the tree which is going to be planted on Hall Street Green was grown from them.


The friar is moving back to Cheadle soon from his present home in Blackpool and has asked that this tree be planted near the place of his birth.


**Turn round and go back to Brook Road, looking over into the graveyard to see the square box tomb which is mentioned later, then go left along Lime Grove.  At the end of Lime Grove, turn right into Mary street and along to the High Street.