Cheadle Lower Mill

Two separate corn mills served Cheadle by the fourteenth century indicating its
importance as a local industry. The Higher Mill on the bend of Micker Brook to the south of Cheadle Village lay within Cheadle Moseley, and the 12th century Lower Mill, on the same
stream but on the north side of the village lay within Cheadle Bulkeley. Both originated as
manorial mills, mirroring the division of Cheadle.


Cheadle Lower Mill, often called Cheadle Bleachworks, and now renamed, The Bleachworks, is a former mill in Cheadle. A mill has been on the site since the 12th Century, it was originally used as a water powered corn mill. It was later converted to a chemical plant, owned by Thor Chemicals, and produced chlorine bleaching agents for use in the dye industry in Manchester at the time. As kids we knew it as Standard Chemicals in the 1970s, unfortunately, It closed down in 1993 and was left derelict until 2008 when it was partially demolished prior to being converted into housing.


In 2005, the mill was described by Stockport Council as a 'derelict shell, open to elements'. It was left in such a condition until it was bought by Hamptons for development in 2007. In early 2008, work was started by JCS Homes to turn the complex into a housing estate with apartments and town houses. The buildings were partially demolished and old bricks were saved to be reused in the creation of new buildings. JCS Homes also gave buyers the opportunity to design the interior of their homes themselves. As of early June 2008, construction has not begun on the new houses, but now, in 2014, most of the new homes had been completed.