Cheadle LNW Station  by Ian O'Brien (2014)

Two railway stations came to Cheadle in the same year, the first was Cheadle North, and the second to open that year was the Cheadle LNW. This was just behind the listed black and white Manor House. The London and North Western railway completed its line from Stockport Edgeley to Northenden in 1866. The station was opened on 1 August 1866 and was located 100 yards (90 m) north of Cheadle High street at the point where the line (still in use) crossed Manchester Road on an over-bridge. The station was located on the western side of the road and was reached by steps leading up to it, and two platforms were provided. The northern platform handled trains from Warrington to Stockport and the southern side was for trains heading west to Warrington and Liverpool. Both Cheadle North and Cheadle LNW lines ran Parallel to each other until they reach Longley Lane, Northenden, (The line just past the bridge near the tip!) 

If you look at the bottom left hand picture, you can see the patch of waste area that was once a coalyard, would have been the north platform, and just on the other side of the track would have been the north stationand platform. 

The station closed in 1917 as it was unable to compete with tram services from Gatley to Mersey Square which ran down the High Street. The line, originally opened by the London and North West Railway, stayed open, and is still used for modern trains but they no longer stop at Cheadle.