Cheadle House

Cheadle House stands on the left of Mary Street and is still in use. The house dates from the mid 19th Century and was the home of the young doctor, Alfred Godson, who set up his practice in Cheadle in 1865. Two doctors already had practices in Cheadle - Dr Lupton, who was in his 80s and Dr Ockleston who was in his 60s. Neither of these doctors could match Dr Godson's qualifications but all three doctors seem to rub along together in Cheadle.


Dr Godson took a great interest in parish affairs and was a member of the Parish Council and later was appointed Medical Officer for Health. In later life he became a GP and handed over his practice to his two sons, Edward and John.


During the Great War, this house was used as a military hospital and convalescent home and the house was also used as a Redcap school (see entry for Haw Bank House).


In the 1930s, the house became council property and the modern shops on the High Street, now housing Boots, were erected at the end of the railed front garden which, in the 1890s stretched between Mary Street and Eden Place right up to the High Street.


The house had a variety of small units built inside and one of these was used by the WRVS 2 during the Second World War and for many years after.


** Look to the left towards Costa Coffee, which stands on the corner of Eden Place.