Cheadle Higher Mill

Two separate corn mills served Cheadle by the fourteenth century indicating its
importance as a local industry. The Higher Mill on the bend of Micker Brook to the south of
Cheadle Village lay within Cheadle Moseley, and the 12th century Lower Mill, on the same
stream but on the north side of the village lay within Cheadle Bulkeley. Both originated as
manorial mills, mirroring the division of Cheadle.


Cheadle Higher Mill was one of two 12th century water driven corn mills on the banks of the Micker Brook. The corn mill was situated in the dip between the two footpaths and was still there in 1901. in 1897 the miller was Joseph Redfearn (or Redfern) 

When you enter the woodland from High Grove Road you will come across a bridge which spans over the Micker Brook. The pathway forks left and right, which meet up again further down near the weir. The Mill itself was built between the path on the left and the Micker Brook. The area between the two paths actually dips, this was because there was a pond there (known as the mill pond) 


Apparently, during World War Two, the grounds of the mill was used as allotments.

on the grass verge at the side of Broadway (near Wilmslow road end) This came from the Higher Mill further up the Micker Brook.