Cheadle Heritage Trail Introduction

I created SK8 facebook page after seeing work being done on Cheadle Green and was keen to find out what was happening.  The SK8 history group started five months later but I couldn't do both groups at the same time so another took on the history group.  It didn't for a second stop my interest in our local history, I accumulated information from historic websites, The Cheadle Civic Society, books and booklets, like this one called CHEADLE HERITAGE TRAIL, which I paid £2 for on 21st June 2014, but can't remember where I bought it from as I visited a number of places on the lookout for information!


The Cheadle Heritage Trail is a remarkable booklet, designed to give local people the chance to learn about their area through walks.  The booklet doesn't seem readily available to buy but is valuable with its abundantly rich content, It would be selfish not to share this with anyone remotely interested in their community history.


Most of the following information was written in booklet form by Christine Hession, with exceptions on pages with my name on articles I had written in 2014, or I may have had to alter some of it due to changes since it was written 8 years previously.  I have transferred it word by word to this SK8 community information website with kind permission by Christine. I have added pictures to go with the buildings, and on a few occasions, added a few sentences where there wasn't much information, in the hope that you get as much joy reading it as I have.  I will leave you to peruse at your own leisure! .......... Ian O'Brien.

Cheadle Green celebrated its Bi-Centennial in 2010 and the Cheadle Green Focus Group, which is part of the Cheadle Partnership and involved with the Civic Society and it organised the Green to be renovated.

This involved the removal of some trees, which were diseased or well past their prime or just in the wrong place.  More suitable trees have been planted in a better position to replace the trees that were removed.


The pathways have been improved and a new pathway created, lighting has been installed and the pond has been cleaned out and also renovated.  A fountain has been installed into the pond.  New conservation standard benches have been put in place together with litter bins and information boards explaining the history of the Green and the surrounding buildings.


This work started in the latter part of 2010 once the funding was in place, but to start of the Celebration, we asked greater Manchester Archaeological Unit to run a dig on the Green to uncover the walls of Cheadle Hall, which stood on the Green until 1958.  The dig was filled in for safety reasons, but we intended to put an outline of the walls into the ground.


The dig took place over the weekend of the 11th and 12th September 2010 - the Heritage weekend - and the public were welcome to come along and see what was happening.


This Heritage Trail is intended for people to walk around Cheadle on a self-guiding route, to discover the history of Cheadle.  It is really amazing what we walk or drive past every day without realising.  The walk is designed in such a way that you don't need to do it all at once, you can do it in sections if you prefer, as it is all centred on the High Street.     






















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