Cheadle Green

The starting point for a complete walk is Cheadle Green

In 1810 when the Cheadle Enclosure Act was passed, it ensured "that the Plot of Land, parcel of the said Commons and Waste Lands situate in front of the Dwelling House of Robert Harrison, Esq. in the village of Cheadle aforesaid and adjoining the Turnpike Road leading through Cheadle and the King's Highway leading through Cheadle to Stockport shall at all times forever hereafter remain and be unenclosed for the Public Accommodation  and Convenience of the said Village of Cheadle". This was Cheadle Green.

the Turnpike Road mentioned is the road from Cheadle to Didsbury (ie Manchester Road) The Turnpike Trust was set up in 1752/3 to maintain the road and the bridge was rebuilt in stone when the wooden bridge built by Bonnie Prince Charlie's soldiers at the ford, collapsed.

The Mulberry tree on the Green was planted in front of Cheadle Hall when it was newly built

In the 1840s the green was often damaged by caravans and travelling menageries stopping there, and Mr Evans, who lived in Newlands House next to the Green had stumps put round the Green after raising money by subscription.

More stumps appeared which had been placed on the Green by a local builder on the orders of the Superintendent of the Convalescent Hospital then in the hall. Peter Higgins, from the Queens Arms (facing Councillor Lane and since closed as a public house in February 2018),  was loud in his disapproval about this and he had a lot of local backing.  Several hundred people attended a meeting and "The battle of Cheadle Green" started and ran, on and off, for 20 years. Fortunately without any loss of blood! the 'Battle' was to decide who would control the Green.

James Watts became involved when he bought the Lordship of the Manor for his son (also James).  He wanted to make the area into an asset but basically, he claimed ownership, although he conceded that the villagers had the right of use.

In 1932 the Green was conveyed to the ownership of Cheadle and Gatley UDC and it was registered under the Commons Registration Act of 1965.