Charlotte Street

Depleach Hall    

Depleach Hall used to stand on the southern side of Charlotte Street. L. Tyrrell Wilcox lived at the Hall in the late 1800s.


Some believe that Depleach Hall was a 17th Century tithe barn because of the roughly shaped timbers inside. The barn would have belonged to the Church but others contend it was owned by the Depleach family in the late 16th Century, it was much altered in the 20th Century.


Around 1870, it was used as a private school and later became a public hall and concert hall with a platform at the far end. After World War 1, the British Legion used it as a meeting room and it was bought by a Mr Salt in 1934.


Cheadle Flower Show used to be held each year in the field opposite the Hall, When the show ended, the remaining funds bought a clock to place over the Council Offices. This clock was referred to as the Eddystone Clock, after the Treasurer and organiser, Mr Edward Stone.


The Council Offices were on the High Street next to the Old Star Inn (now James Watts), where the three modern shops are set back from the road. There used to be a public toilet between the pub and the offices.