Bruntwood Hall

by Ian O'Brien 2014

Bruntwood Hall is an impressive building in the centre of Bruntwood Park.

The Victorian Gothic building was constructed in 1861, making it over 150 years old. It is accessed from either Bruntwood Lane or Schools Hill.

Bruntwood Hall was built for a John Douglas, a Stuff merchant from Bradford, Yorkshire, his hard work, and success afforded him the ability to buy the Hall.

He was married to  Janet (Jessie) Andrews who chose the name 'Bruntwood' from

her east Ayrshire home roots. John Douglas died in 1863,  just two years after moving into the property.

Unlike Abney Hall, Moseley Old Hall, Depleach Hall and Cheadle Hall, Bruntwood doesn't have the history that is afforded to its other neighbourhood Halls!

However, it was used as the Cheadle and Gatley Town Hall between 1944 and 1959 before it was then sold to a timber supply company for £10,750, the Town Hall moved over to Abney Hall. 

Bruntwood Hall has been sold a number of times, it at some point it also served as a racehorse stud farm and during its time was one of the most successful such farms in the north of England. It has also much more recently been used by a filming company and offices. it is currently on sale for a princely sum of £1,295,000 and has a large basement that has 4 rooms, ground floor with 12 rooms, first floor with 10 rooms, plus a second floor with another 8 rooms so not a bad size!

The grounds and parkland have been open to the public since the 1940s, with sprawling fields and a lake.

Bruntwood Hall has 100 acres of sprawling parkland, although part of it was used in the mid-1990s for the construction of John Lewis and Sainsbury's superstores.

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