Brooklyn Crescent Park

When George Bancroft of Cheadle died in 1843 or 1844, the land on which the park now stands (together with other land in the immediate vicinity of the park) passed to the joint ownership of George Bancroft Withington and Charles Withington. Charles Withington bequeathed his estate to Ernest Withington in July 1876 and on his death in 1921, the Cricket Field, as it was called, passed to Bernard Withington.


In 1929, Mary Francis Godson, who lived at 1 Brooklyn Crescent, organised a group of residents to purchase the land on a 50/50 basis with Cheadle and Gatley Urban District Council and it was eventually bought for the sum of £1,025. The householders conveyed it to Cheadle & Gatley UDC to be kept as an open space. Until World War 2, it was the sports field for Cheadle Primary School and during the war it was used to grow vegetables as part of the 'Dig for Victory' campaign. After the war it reverted back to a sports field until 1973 (I myself remember playing sports on Brooklyn field in the early 70s)  when it became an urban park to create the present beautiful area.


**Come out of the park back onto Massie Street and continue ahead to the car park and follow the pavement into Ashfield Crescent.