Brookfield Park

Brookfield Park was the grounds one of the largest houses in the area which was built in the mid-1800s. A local businessman called Mr. George Peel lived in the house and employed nine servants to run it. Mr. Peel was a founder of the firm, Peel Williamson and Peel which built boilers and steam engines at the Soho​ foundry in Ancoats.

The house was later bought by Percey Hesketh Shiers. When he died in 1944, he left the house and grounds to the people of Cheadle and Gatley in perpetuity. Unfortunately, this was done by a gentleman's agreement and therefore not legal.

The house was taken over by Stockport Council in 1974, firstly being used as a remand home for boys and later to house elderly people. Unfortunately, because of the cost of the expensive roof repairs needed, they decided to sell it as a nursing home or for residential use.

Percey Shiers was a Manchester brewer and also director of Manchester United Football Club. His only son was killed in a motorbike accident on Wilmslow Road during the war.


The house, which had become derelict, has now been bought and made into high-class apartments. Brookfield Clinic used to be in the grounds. This was a mother and baby clinic and was used in a variety of ways related to infancy health.

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