Alexandra Hospital

By Ian O'Brien


The Alexandra Hospital is situated off Manchester Road on the opposite side to Abney Hall. It was built on land where there used to be gravel pits, (the gravel and sand were laid down in terraces by the River Mersey when it was in flood and the terraces are bounded on the Cheadle side by glacially deposited sand and gravel).

The Alexandra Hospital was built in record time, from turf to roof tile in a year and 6 months earlier than scheduled and within budget at £7m. The 11-acre site was chosen for its proximity to the motorways and Manchester airport and for its beautiful setting in rural land surrounded by trees. It opened in July 1981 and has therefore been operating for 37 years  (on writing this).

If you look at the centre picture on the right, you will see the square War Bunker at the bottom, which is now a car park (bottom picture, same place).